How to Get Regular Massage on a Budget

As a massage therapist, my goal in life is to help people feel their best. The only way I can help is if you, the client, comes for regular massages! I know how hectic life can be, and I’m no stranger to a tight budget myself. The two factors of time and money are probably the biggest blocks most of us have to getting regular massage.

It is my humble opinion that monthly massages are the bare minimum requirement for healthy body/mind/spirit maintenance. Weekly or bi-weekly is even better! Massage is so much more than just a body tune-up. It is a powerful dose of relaxation and communion with yourself. But I digress…let’s talk about budget, shall we?

Depending on where you live, a massage can cost anywhere from $25/hr-$125/hr and up. The first step is finding a therapist who can work with your budget. A word of caution: the old saying “you get what you pay for” can be very true regarding massage. Sure, you can go to a massage franchise or massage school and get a low cost massage. But, really, are you receiving the quality of touch you need? If this works for you, then by all means, go for it! I am speaking from my own experiences with these places. Ideally, you will connect with a therapist with a high level of training and experience. Once you have found a therapist you love, you can employ the 3 B’s: Budget, Barter, and Book!

Budget. Work regular massage into your monthly or weekly budget. Take a look at any leaks in your spending. Make small lifestyle shifts in order to free up that $50-$500 (depending on your desired frequency and massage therapist’s rates) in your monthly spending. Here are just a few ideas I’ve compiled to show how easy it can be to shift your spending and invest that money directly in your self and well-being.  See if you can do any of the following:

  • Disconnect Your Cable
  • Carpool. Take a bike or public transit.
  • Cut out one or two trips to the restaurant. Instead, cook big meals at home that can be re-heated easily, so you always have something on hand.
  • Drop your gym membership. Work out at home, go running, or follow an online fitness program.
  • Buy less processed, premade foods, and cook whole foods. This is a healthier and more economical way to eat.
  • No more daily latte. Make your coffee at home and bring it to work with you.
  • Go to a matinée instead of prime time, and sneak in snacks! But don’t tell them I told you to do this, of course.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it. Don’t go shopping hungry.
  • Pack a lunch instead of eating out when you’re on the go.

Barter. Hopefully, you’ve seen somewhere in your budget where you can free up some cash. Another great idea is to barter or trade a service you offer to your massage therapist. We massage therapists are famous for trading, so go ahead and ask! Here’s just a few of the things I’ve traded massage for in the past: graphic design, web help, child care, hair cuts, organic veggies, house cleaning, business advice, clothes. The options are endless!

Book. Last but not least, you need to book your massage sessions. Scheduling at regular intervals can make that very easy, and ensures that you won’t forget to make the time. Our lives can get so busy that massage just falls by the wayside. Don’t let this happen! Perhaps write a note on your calendar, or set a reminder on your phone. Many massage therapists, including me, offer discounts for clients on a regular schedule. Extra bonus! Scheduling your massages ahead of time ensures that you will get your needs met.  Your therapist may offer massage packages to help make regular massage more economical.  Here are the packages I offer.

That’s it! Employ the 3 B’s and optimize your life with massage!

Written by Brenna Hunziker, LMT.

Heartfelt massage therapy in Kona, Hawaii.

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