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Aloha and Welcome! We are Daniel and Brenna Moore, Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Coaches. We are dedicated to improving your quality of life through bodywork and coaching. Our purpose is to help you have more energy, joy, and vitality. We met in 2003 at a Healing Arts school called Heartwood. This was a residential institute, where we lived, worked, and learned in a community dedicated to a healing lifestyle. At Heartwood we were fully immersed in the healing arts, nutrition, and mindfulness practices (think Hogwarts Academy) for many years.

Kona has been our home since 2011. We were married in 2012 and brought our daughter Eva into the world in 2013. We are so grateful for this incredible island and community for supporting us and our healing offerings. When we are not practicing hands-on bodywork, you can find Daniel in the garden, in the kitchen making kimchee, or baking gluten free bread. Brenna is a lifelong learner, and is continually adding new skills to her toolbelt, like Holistic MindBody Coaching, Yoga Nidra, and Vibrational Sound Therapy. She’s usually working on two or three creative projects, like the upcoming Healing Alchemy Oracle Deck. 

Daniel studied Shiatsu and Asian Healing Arts at Heartwood, along with Permaculture (the art of growing food aligned with Nature) and Whole Foods Nutrition. He apprenticed with Paul Pitchford, the world-renown author of Healing with Whole Foods, for 8 years. Daniel is a very knowledgeable and intuitive bodyworker. He combines his understanding of the body’s energy systems with effective Deep Tissue. He completed his massage hours at Aloha Massage Academy. Daniel has been teaching Tai Chi for 17 years, and currently teaches two classes a week at Hokuli’a.

Brenna is a Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Life and Health Coach. She lived and worked at Heartwood Institute from 2003-2008, where she completed over 1000 hours of bodywork and holistic health education. At Heartwood, Brenna was the manager and lead chef of the Organic Whole Foods kitchen, serving the community beautiful, healthy meals every day. Brenna healed her body of a chronic illness through food and healthy lifestyle.

After moving to Hawai’i Brenna learned Lomilomi from several amazing teachers. Her bodywork style is very unique, combining deep tissue, lomilomi, and myofascial release. She also offers cupping and vibrational sound healing to compliment each session. Brenna is knowledgeable about healing plants and herbs, and offers high quality supplements for mind-body balance.