Pregnancy Massage Kona

Massage for expecting mamas is not only good, but I believe is crucial to a happy and healthy pregnancy.  I warmly invite all mamas either living in or visiting Kona to experience a deeply nourishing prenatal massage.  I know first-hand how necessary it is to receive therapeutic touch during this time.  I had a baby in 2013, and regular massage really helped me enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest.  I believe it also helped me have a smooth, uncomplicated labor.    

Are you hapai (with child)?  Pregnancy massage is a vital component of prenatal care.  The less mama is stressed, the more calm and healthy baby will be, too.

Because I value the importance of prenatal massage so much, and know so well how beneficial it can be to mom and baby, I offer a special prenatal package to my pregnant and post-natal (up to one year) clients only.

5, 75 minute treatments in your home (within Kailua-Kona to Captain Cook):  $500

5, 60 minute treatments here at my studio:  $450

Regular One hour:  $85

Regular 90 Min:  $120