I usually do a verbal intake, asking you questions about your physical condition, and specific areas you would like focus on. At this time, you can describe any relevant injuries or conditions I should be aware of. We also set an intention for your session. For example, “I would like to release the tension in my shoulders and hips, and feel more relaxed.” or “I want to allow myself to be nurtured deeply and let go of anxiety.” I find that setting an intention is an important aspect of Healing Alchemy.

Short answer, no, you don not need to be fully undressed to receive a wonderful massage. You may undress to your level of comfort and I hold absolutely no judgement either way. I do encourage clients who are comfortable doing so to fully undress so that they can experience the fluid, connecting strokes that people love so much. Also, if you have low back issues, work on the glutes is important, and much easier without clothing which can get in the way and become irritating to the skin. A drape is used at all times to protect your privacy.

Yes, Hawai'i State law requires the use of a drape.

I use organic food-grade coconut oil. Please let me know if you would like an alternative oil.

Every day! Haha! Wouldn’t that be great? Really, the frequency of massage depends on a few factors: your desired results, and personal budget. For optimal body/mind maintenance, weekly massages are recommended. If this doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, try bi-weekly or monthly. The trick is to schedule ahead, and keep a rhythm going. It does not take long to see the myriad of benefits you will receive from regular massage. Making a commitment to your health and well-being is priceless!

Because each one of us is so unique in our makeup, we all have varying levels of pain tolerance. No, massage should not really hurt. However, breaking up tension and relieving muscular stress can produce sensations of that “good kind of hurt” which most people love, and want! If at any time the pressure being used feels like too much, speak up and let me know. I am not offended ever! Also, receiving massage is not a time to be “macho” about pain. “No pain, no gain” simply is not true in massage.

Simple answer: Nada. If you begin to feel uncomfortable in any way, adjust your position, or let me know. Otherwise, allow me to move your head, neck, and limbs. No need to “help.” Be as much like a rag doll as possible.

An hour is minimum for a relaxation massage. Most people who start to receive regular bodywork prefer to receive 90 minute sessions. A 90 minute massage allows time for greater detail work on specific problem areas. It also takes you deeper into the next level of relaxation. The choice is yours.

I recommend giving yourself a little cushion of time after your massage before you need to engage in any kind of demanding activity. My massage studio is conveniently located very close to Kealakekua Bay, where you can plan to go jump in the ocean after your session, and relax. Be sure to drink plenty of water. If you can take a bath or a hot tub before or after your massage, that can be really beneficial.

I have dedicated many years of my life to training and education in body healing. I have performed an uncountable number of massage treatments for hundreds and hundreds of clients. I guess the key is that all of these years later I still LOVE to do it. I enjoy getting to know my clients, understanding what is happening with their bodies and helping them to feel better and recover from injury. I love building recurring clients and keep my rates very affordable to encourage a long-term relationship. I hope to see you soon!