Healing Alchemy

Healing Alchemy

Couples Massage Classes

Massage: A beautiful way to connect with your partner.

A tender touch can do wonders for any relationship by easing stress, releasing tension and deepening nonverbal communication skills. Emphasis will be on listening with both your heart and hands, asking for what you need and taking the time to truly nurture yourself and your partner. Sessions will include basic quieting and grounding exercises, brief demonstrations, hands-on guidance and plenty of time for practice.

I am Brenna Moore, licensed massage therapist since 2003.  I love helping couples connect in a meaningful way. Relationships thrive on fun experiences, small kindnesses, and generosity, and that's what we're all about with our couples massage classes!

These 2.5 hour couples massage workshops are open to a maximum of 4 couples. It will be fun, informative, and heart-opening! You will each learn techniques from Deep Tissue and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Each couple will receive an instructional booklet detailing the strokes so you can practice at home what you learn.

Massage tables, sheets, and oil will be provided.

This workshop is open to all couples. Previous massage experience is not necessary at all. In fact, the only requirement is an open mind, and a willingness to be present.  It's not about getting things "right" or learning fancy techniques.  It's about showing up for your partner and experiencing the gifts of giving.

Our approach is light-hearted and fun. This workshop will enhance bonding and loving communication with your partner. We will use draping throughout the class, so your personal privacy is ensured.  Although massage can absolutely enhance your love life in the bedroom, this class is not sexual in nature.  Our goal is to increase your fluency in the art of touch and presence; a skill that ripples out beautifully into all aspects of your relationship.

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Pay $147 per couple for your first class, and only $97 for every class you take after that.  Just like my massage, no two classes will be exactly the same.

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